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What is the difference between the Performance Bond and Parent Company Guarantee.

What is the advantage of Parent Company Guarantee instead of Performance Bond for the Employer.



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The major difference between Performance Bond and PCG is that the party issuing PB is a third party, like a bank or insurance company while that of PCG is parent company. Here, the parent company is guaranteeing a sister or subsidiary company of its performance of the obligation under a contract with an employer. Depending on the requirement of the contract and the Employer, PB or PCG could be provided to guarantee a Contractor's performance under a contract.

The advantages of PCG over PB depend on how you are viewing it and also on the wordings of the guarantee documents. one could say, one of the advantages is that dealing with a parent company may be easier than dealing with a third party. Another could be that the extent of the guarantee if provided by the third party is limited to the amount stated in the guarantee but in PCG, it could be worded (or if the contract specified it to be so) to cover consequential damages which could be forced upon the parent company to shoulder since the parent company is seen as a large entity that should be responsible for performance of the contract wherein its subsidiary company has defaulted.


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