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Dear Sir

After submitted a tender, if there is any arithmetic errors in the BOQ, then whether the contractor has to resubmit the BOQ and Letter of Tender with corrections, or is there any procedure to follow to conditional acceptance of the tender without resubmitting?

Because after arithmetic corrections, lowest tenderer may become 2nd or 3rd lowest.

Could you explain, how the engineer handle this issue?



Dear Sudantha,

You have to study the ITT and the conditions of the contract attached to the tender documentation. I am sure, it will address what you should do. However, there is a common process. If the error will, when corrected, will increase the tender sum submitted, the Employer writes the tenderer to confirm its price, accepting to cope with the error without changing the amount submitted and if the amount increases, the tenderer loses his position if he eventually turned out not to be the lowest after correction of the error. In some ITT, the error in such circumstance cannot be corrected to the increase of the tender sum submitted. At times, the tenderer accepts the error and would not change the tender price, even though, it should have increased. But some ITT says if the error, when corrected, would decrease the tender sum, then, it would be done as such.

Hope this is clear?



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