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What is the meaning of using "URO" to a particular item in the "BOQ"??

Also, What is the meaning of telling "RATE ONLY"??
Why does it have to be said so if the quantities can be finalised??


ANSWER: Dear Anirudh

Thanks for your question.

URO means - Unit Rate Only
Rate Only means provide the rate of item. The quantity can be measured later.

Generally the Employer ask for the rate of certain item in the BOQ, so the Employer can decide whether he want contractor to install or construct the item. if it is too expensive the Employer can omit the item.

I hope this clarify you query

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Thanks for your time.

To have further clarity,
The items mentioned as URO can or cannot be used by the employer.
And the items which have been quantified have to be used and are chargeable by the contractor.

Can it be said like this???


Dear Anirudh

Even if the item is quantified and ask the Contractor to provide rates for the item, it is not necessary that the item need to be install or construct as the Employer has the right to omit any part of the work anytime.

If the item is not install or construct by the Contractor and the Employer instruct to omit the item, the Contractor will not get the payment for that item. But if the Contractor is already purchase the item, then the Employer will have pay the amount (the Cost + delivery cost + storage cost)even if it was instructed to omit (provided that the Contractor purchased before the instruction to omit the item).

I hope this will clarify your query.

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