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Dear Mr. Femi Alofe,

I am Contractor of one project in Vietnam. My project use Red book Fidic 1999. In my project, the drawing has many changing. But the engineer didn't issue to us Engineer Instruction (EI). He send to us new drawing by transmital form, by technical meeting, by email or by verbal. Follow Particular Condition of Contract, the Contractor must send Claim of letter (NOC) not later than 14 days of the event.

I am worrying, the contractor was doing the work on site without approved variation order.

I want ask question:

- Can the contractor stop procurement/ do the variation work until the Engineer approve variation work?

- Can the contractor told " the starting date of variation work is approved variation date" ?

- Can the contractor stop procurement/ do the variation work until the Engineer issue EI?

I amd feeling risk of the Contractor in this case.

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks you in advance

Dear Dominich,

Thanks for your question.

While the best practice is to ensure that, all site instructions or Engineer's instructions are issued in writing, there are, however, the FIDIC 199 Red book recognises the fact that, there could be cases where verbal (oral) instructions may be given and has provided for ways and manner in which they can be formalised or confirmed for affirmative, valid and undoubtful reasons. One of such ways is for you to put down the instructions you receive into writing to the Engineers citing the date, the instance / source (during site meeting or site inspections or RFIs and new revised drawings and transmittals) and brief description of your understanding of the description of what is to be done in complying with the instruction and asking the Engineer (as per Clause 3.3 of the FIDIC 1999Red book) to confirm your understanding and the instruction within 2 working days otherwise you will proceed with compliance and any additional cost and or time incurred / suffered would be submitted for compensation accordingly.

You can still write the letter but i would not advise you to stop the compliance with the instruction. You must know that Contractually and according to the knowledge we have in Construction law, Engineer's instruction can either be issued expressly or construed as been issued vide other means like drawings, RFI's clarifications, responses to letters, approvals and Engineer's comments in minutes of site meeting and so on. These are implied Engineer's instruction.

I am sure, this advice will help you.


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