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Reference:Sub-clause 13.1(d) Fidic REd Book 1999

According to this sub-clause, it will be a Variation,

1. If the omission of any work is not getting done by others.

2. If such omitted work is getting done by others then what is it?
3. What are the entitlements of the Contractor pursuant to 1 & 2 above?
4. What are the applicable clauses with respect to this case.

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ANSWER: Dear Shanta,

Please find below answers to your questions.

2. Breach of contract
3. Depends on the wordings in your contract. Sub-clause 12.4 is appropriate. If the omitted work is given to another contractor, then you can submit claim for damages (e.g. loss of profit).
4. Sub-clause 12.4, Sub-clause 3.5, Sub-clause 13.1


Jon Peralta

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I am grateful, if you will clarify the following too.

1. If the omission of any work is not getting done by others, it is a Variation.
  In such a case, what is the compensation(I think the correct term is the "compensation". Please correct me, if I am wrong.) that the Contractor can demand?

If in this case also the said compensation is only the loss of profit, in the breach of Contract, can't the Contractor claim more than only the loss of profit?

2. When the omission will become a breach of Contract, is it possible to get it resolved, without following legal procedure, especially when the Employer is a Government entity?

3.In the above case, if it can be resolved Contractually, what is the clause applicable in red book 1998?

I hope, you will not consider this as a disturbance to you.

Thank you sir.

01. You can claim other than loss of profit alone but you have to substantiate it and prove. Say site overhead. Really depends on the cost incurred or to be incurred due to the omission of works.

02.Yes it is possible.

03. I think I already mentioned. SC3.5, 12.4, 12.3(if applicable) and 13.1

I suggest to hire someone who can help you there with your case and also to protect your contractual rights.


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