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I live in an apartment complex in Texas and the apartment complex bills the tenants for their water bill as there are not individual meters.  This month my water bill was mailed from California on 6/26/13 and my bill is late if not paid by 7/1/13.  I am lucky to receive the bill in time to make my payment.  Last month I missed checking my mailbox one day and when I went the following day my bill was there but it was after the apartment office was closed so I went the next morning to pay.  I was told I owe a $10 late fee on my $30 water bill. Can you point me to any Texas laws that require a grace period and stipulate a minimum period of time before a late fee is applied?



Well originally from Wisconsin where both houses had wells, I was used to not paying for water. Then I came to Texas.
From my personal experience of researching such, there is no leniency and they are unmerciful. The grace period i sent out after the original bill and like you are stating adds a late fee before the water is shut off. Generally 10 days after the late notice, the water is shut off and then there is a $75 reconnect fee. All that is is sending a man out to remove the padlock and turn the water on.
Other utilities such as gas and electric will work with the customer. Not the water people and as I stated, I have found no state law regulating them as for their business practices. The only time the state gets involved is if there is a water quality issue.
I love Texas, but I have absolutely no use for the monopol don't go with that service, there is no other. Malloy in East Texas water is similar in quality to that of Garland city water. Filled with bleach and in my opinion is undrinkable. Cash water in East Texas are in my opinion a worthless company with worthless employees.
My personal opinion on the water companies as far as their business practice in Texas--"Ruthless."

Even when I paid for water from the city of Milwaukee, it was very cheap and service was never threatened to be shut off even though these independent water companies require a deposit. I have been round and round with these people in Texas and I fully understand why they are protected by bullet resistant glass. Someday it is my opinion that there will be an incident that will make national news at a water company if it hasn't already happened.

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