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I have used 2 check cashers. Money is tight and cannot pay them. Sent each a letter revoking their right to eft my checks. Both companies ran the checks at two different times. First checks with one company bounced. The other company ran them and they cleared but now I will probably have my phone cut off because that payment will bounce. I'm almost $500 in red with my bank now and don't get paid for another 2 weeks. I turned both places in to the banking Feds for some of their practices. I didn't think they could still run my checks if I revoked their right.?!


Please realize I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.
I assume you mean payday loan companies. Bad news and the crap they pull on folk is facilitated by state governments.

Well, I have had my dealings with jerks like these in the past, and they actually have more power than you think. If the check does not clear the bank, some can have you prosecuted for writing a hot check.
Banks do not want to get into the middle of these situations and will pay letting your account going overdrawn.
Writing the feds does no good. These payday loan companies are very heavily regulated by state and federal laws. After all, you agreed to pay their fee and at the time you obtained the money fro them, you had no problem with their practices.

As I said, I was there at one time and I know what bottom feeders they are, but if they would not been around at the time, don't know what I would have done. Lost two cars to title loan places.

In my case, I didn't drink, gamble, do drugs, not saying that is your situation although many that don't have money are in this situation. I had to use these places to pay for co-pay on my medications. Its tough getting out from under the thumbs of these companies.

I wish you luck, but they will most likely get their money from the bank and then you need to deal with the bank.  

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