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Consumer Rights/AT&T wireless phone/breaking contract


I have an AT&T wireless phone and I have been having several problems with their customer service and billing. We moved on Oct 31, 2014 We were out of phone service for a week and internet for 12 days. So I had to use my cell phone to communicate to Frontier Comm. who now is our  phone and internet carrier. I need to brak my contract with them, theye are so rude, I did not use my cell for years until this summer. I cannot find out the actual statring pt of my contract. I would like to change to Verizon, they have NO CONTRACTS, better rates and I think it is a better co. I did file a compalint with the FCC which will take 5 weeks/ What do I do? Please advise


Trust me when I say the Verizon no contract phones are used refurbished phones that are only 3g and substandard to the contract phones. If you think customer service is bad with ATT and contract, you will really be upset with a Verizon no contract phone. I guaranty it!

These companies have gotten to big and they simply do not care about customer satisfaction. Do yor homework before getting another service. I believe all you can do now is wait.
I just posted #5 article on linkedin and yall may want to join just to read them. This article links the Johnathan Gruber controversy to insurance denial on auto theft claims. I believe that anyone that reads it will learn a lot that they never thought about. It is always assumed if the car is stolen, the insurance company will pay the claim. Want to bet?

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I am not an attorney, nor can I give legal advice. I can however answer questions related to stolen vehicles when the insured is denied payment due to misrepresentation. My goal is to sort through all the puported facts in order to determine the truth as to how the vehicle was last operated. I work for insurance companies and against them when their "Forensic Expert" did not do his job in an unbiased manner. Commonly these theft insurance denials are based on the information supplied in the "forensic" report on the vehicle. In most cases conclusions inferring the insured's key (proper key)was used last, based on net opinion with no basis. I scrutinize these reports as to what theories were or were not ruled out.


I have served as a consultant/expert for plaintiff & defense attorneys since 1998 in 14 different state jurisdictions as well as federal court. I was also the defense expert in a USAF court martials in which we prevailed. I do not take full credit for the prevailing side. It is a joint effort by the client attorney and my extensive knowledge on auto theft, forced entry, forensic ignition analysis, transponders, vehicle fire origin and cause etc.

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