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I have been being harassed by title loan company and being legally served with account notice on my door.  I want to know if it is a legal collection tactic for them to come to my door and leave a private notice on my door for anyone to see my personal business.


Since I have no details at all, the only thing I can tell you is general information. I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice, however I have 20 years of being involved with the court system as an expert witness. In this position I have dealt with a multitude of process servers and have been served with summons, subpoenas and the like.
from my experience, process serving is not like what is scene in TV shows and movies. Yes, a legal notice can be dropped of at your door step and the server does not have to personally serve you. Of course, state, county city laws apply to each case.
I have had notice through the mail, on my door step, personally and even email.
There is no "privacy" rights any longer from my experience. Process servers do not have time to personally wait for someone to show up or take the chance of confrontation.
The lien holder's attitude is that if you don't honor your commitment, they don't care about your privacy, nor do they have to.
The other point is that if you are being served with a court demand or request, it is public information anyway.  

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I am not an attorney, nor can I give legal advice. I can however answer questions related to stolen vehicles when the insured is denied payment due to misrepresentation. My goal is to sort through all the puported facts in order to determine the truth as to how the vehicle was last operated. I work for insurance companies and against them when their "Forensic Expert" did not do his job in an unbiased manner. Commonly these theft insurance denials are based on the information supplied in the "forensic" report on the vehicle. In most cases conclusions inferring the insured's key (proper key)was used last, based on net opinion with no basis. I scrutinize these reports as to what theories were or were not ruled out.


I have served as a consultant/expert for plaintiff & defense attorneys since 1998 in 14 different state jurisdictions as well as federal court. I was also the defense expert in a USAF court martials in which we prevailed. I do not take full credit for the prevailing side. It is a joint effort by the client attorney and my extensive knowledge on auto theft, forced entry, forensic ignition analysis, transponders, vehicle fire origin and cause etc.

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