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Please forgive me that this is not about an insurance policy or auto theft denial claim. I see that you have answered other consumer rights questions and hope that you could answer this one as there seems to be no recourse and that is just so terribly wrong.

We purchased a furnace and air conditioner unit in November 2010. On March 2, 2014, the furnace wasn't working. We called the same business who installed our furnace to come and fix it. It was the main board and we paid for the service call and the part. They told us it probably wouldn't be covered under the warranty because others had had the same thing happen to them. That just didn't sound right to us so we called the furnace manufacturer and explained the situation. They told us that yes, it would be covered. However, the way they do it is that the business gets the new part from a supplier and it is all done between them and then the business is to refund our money.

The person who owns the business (after we had called him and told him what the furnace manufacturer had told us) told us he had our money approximately 6 weeks ago. Many times he has told us he would bring us the money but then he never shows up. He stopped answering the phone whenever we would call and did not return our calls. I called the furnace manufacturer and they tried calling him but he wouldn't answer the phone for them either. He finally answered the phone on May 12, 2014 and my husband reminded him that it has been 6 weeks since he told us he had the money and asked how long we were going to have to wait. He responded: “You’ll get your money someday but since you mouthed off, now it’s going to be a lot longer. Have a good day.” He then hung up on my husband. Neither my husband or I have ever "mouthed off" to him.

We live on an extremely limited income and my husband is disabled. We cannot afford to bring him to small claims court which after seeing he has over 90 cases against him in the past 20 years (most of them small claims court cases that have not been paid and even more cases from the Internal Revenue Service), that would bring no results anyway. We also learned today that he has not been licensed since 2001 and has not been registered with the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services since 2011. (We put in a complaint about that to that department yesterday, May 12, 2014.)

We could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection but they don't actually do anything either. I find it hard to believe that there is no recourse for something like this and we certainly cannot afford a lawyer. Is there anything in the world we can do to get our money?


I understand fully including being on a fixed income. A lawyer can't even assist you either even if you had the money. They too, would take your money and eventually tell you there is no good side to this story. It does not matter as to how many judgements there are against someone because they are rarely collected on anyway.
This guy does not sound professional at all.
I would go back to the furnace maker and speak with them and see what they want to do. It might be a problem that they authorized this guy to sell and install their product with no license. See if they want to work with you or you will go public.
I am from Milwaukee, but have lost most of my contacts there since I moved in 2009. You did not say where you were located in Wisconsin. Kent Wainscott from Channel 12, Catrina Cravey from 6 used to love these stories in their expose's. They would do a story on he goof, track him down and get him on camera with questions.
The one thing I do wonder though, when you had the furnace installed 4 years ago, didn't you check this company out before letting him into your home? Was he the cheapest? If so, then you now know why.
You my want to contact your city and find out as to why he go away with all these installs without being licensed? There is a safety issue here as well. Some responsibility has to fall on the city you live in. The state as well!
Is it a crime to install a furnace without a license? I would think so!

Personally though, I have absolutely no use for the inept Wisconsin court system.
On an unrelated matter, or maybe it is, the fine Wisconsin hiring laws are what caused my disabilities. Rear ended by a school bus while stopped at the end of an expressway ramp. The State of Wisconsin on 4/15/1997 required employers not to hold arrest or criminal convictions against an applicant. The POS that rear ended me driving the school bus was a convicted felon for conduct regardless of life (He spent prison time for shooting someone). So, if it was not for the State of Wisconsin liberal laws, I would not have the pain I do, as well a the attitude and would not be disabled. 10 herniated discs in my spine!

Try some of my suggestions. I wish you luck! Let me know if you get anywhere.  

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