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I had a so called friend that was going to drive semi for a company that was only going to use the following truck but after coming back for Christmas he went back on the deal. Let's start at the first, he was going through a family problems with wife and his wife wasn't paying for rent that causing the problem kids homelessness so the deal was we buy a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 for a 1000 dollars but we got a 3000 dollars in a title loan with a monthly payment of 333.51 with the interest rate around 10% that pays daily basis.  He has been refusing to pay his part of the 1000 dollars he haven't been paying for the last two to three month he has been saying that the money order is going to be in the mail on Friday but isn't.  He refusing to pay the insurance also. We had to buy a new vehicle to get to work and home. I'm sure at a loss of what to do about to do with the title loan and the insurance payment. Please help us out with the issue?


To be perfectly honest, I don't understand the description of the problem here. You didn't state what your credit standing is either. I would assume it is not very good if you went to a title loan place, but I could be wrong.
Please realize I am not a lawyer and can only advise you on personal experience.
If you are credit challenged like your friend and the title loan place was stupid enough to give $3k for a truck you paid $1k for, it sucks to be them!
You did not sate who the loan was under and again I have to assume it was you.
They can threaten to reposess. Give it to them!You said you have something else to drive anyway.
If their friend has the truck, give the title loan place the best information on where o find it.
You could sue your friend, but what is the point even if you in, you won't collect anyway.
The title place will sell the vehicle and if they get more than what is owed on the note, they should give you the difference. However, if you have challenged credit, chances of them collecting from you are just as sketchy. If they ave you $3k on a $1k truck, kind of tempts me to go there and see if I can make a little money too! LOL

As for the insurance, if the vehicle is not being driven, that is the title loan company's problem if comp is required.

Just write this off as experience. I have no friends or family I do any type of financial business with and this is why!

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