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Franny wrote at 2013-09-15 15:13:37
I have had this problem here in Malta, it is all over the island, caused by what is known as the brown butterfly hundreds have been wiped out all over the islands. I was told at a local garden center that there is nothing to kill them off right now except  to locate the stem affected asap and cut it out. If you grow on a roof you should be ok as the moth cannot fly that high. This problem has been around for about 3 years. So I now have no geraniums.

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My mother gave me a geranium to put in my own pot, now years later, I`m a Master gardener,with my own landscaping business. I don`t like putting my tender plants in the 10 acres of rocky-clay where I live, so I garden in a million containers of every size, on a large Plexaglass covered deck, in a greenhouse, and a solarium. I`m full of advise and eager to help you. I have a huge library of gardening books, and I use GOOGLE search to find many answers to more difficult questions.


I have graduated from four horticultural schools. I am still studying. I study soils, fertilizers, and water management. I am still doing experiments. I also have learned to "read" my plants to determine if they need attention. I have some very old, healthy plants in very large containers. I have owned my Landscaping business for ten years.

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