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I am newbie starting a tote DWC and wish to know if I can grow cherry tomatoes and green peppers in the same system I am going to have 6 3 inch net pots and wish a variety of vegtables in same tote.


The main concern is to address what variety of plant you are growing. Some tomatoes require a large space for their roots to grow well. I grow "Patio" tomatoes with great success in containers. It will take more plants to get the yield that you would in the larger varieties, but they will produce a nice long harvest in a small space.
As for growing tomatoes and peppers in the same container, again it is about how crowded they will be. If they do not get enough soil nutrients because their roots are competing with other plants in the container, they will be spindly and not produce well.
Peppers and tomatoes can be grown together with out problems because they have many of the same requirements of heat, light and moisture.

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