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Container Gardens/my avocado tree is going through transplant shock


i took it out of my friends garden as a present from her and potted it to bring it to my house and used the soil from her garden in the pot then the next day all of the leaves went down. its about a foot and a half tall. what can i do to help it? thank you !

Transplant shock is caused by the disturbance of the root system, and it is a common response from the plant (shedding of leaves); it is important to lift a plant with the entire rootball undisturbed,,,and quickly lower it into its new location (with hole already dug). It should set out new growth within a couple of weeks, in the meantime keep it properly watered, with good drainage, so the roots are not sitting in a wet environment.  Consistent wet roots will exacerbate the situation and most likely kill it, so again,,,only slightly damp, judge accordingly with the soil it is in. Nick

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