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Brown spot
Brown spot  

Lantana plant
Lantana plant  
I have a lantana plant on my covered balcony it starting
To get brown spots on some leafs. Can
You help my?

I can tell you some things that cause brown leaves, but you will need to look for these things yourself. The picture doesn't help much, because at first I was seeing possible insect or disease, but the edge of the leaf is also brown, so the damage isn't confined to one area. Insects would damage spots. The other causes of leaf damage are what I call the too's. Too much or too little water, too much or too little sun, too much heat, too much or too little fertilizer. Another possibility is water on the leaves and the sun burned it. This is prevented by watering just the soil and not the plant. I see it sometimes on plants that are watered with a sprinkler.
I suggest picking all of the brown leaves off the plant, leaving just the healthy leaves, and check the soil. Make sure when it is watered the whole soil is wet. Then let it dry. Then put it where the light is bright but not too hot. Early morning or late afternoon sun. Check also to see if it is root bound and needs to be repotted in fresh potting soil.
Lantanas are not cold hardy. They will freeze in cold climates, so if it gets below 40 degrees where you live, you should bring it inside.

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