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Hello, Dr. Wolfe!

 I am currently attending a local community college in the area of Business Management/Administration. My professor, though, has had some issues that I think need corrected, and one could throw my grade into shock.

 Firstly, the syllabus clearly states that the 3rd Edition of our textbook. Unfortunately there was a screwup in our Bookstore that only the 2nd Edition was available, so he went with this version instead of what was on the syllabus. I had already purchased an online version of the 3rd Edition, so I couldn't take it back. I talked to the company who rented me the book to no avail. The key terms and general reading are about the same, with chapters rearranged, but it still doesn't help.

 Secondly, he has announced an open book, open note test coming up with NO laptops. Well my iPad crashed, so now I'm using my laptop. How am I to take a test with no book? I am considering buying the 2nd Edition and asking the school to be reimbursed.

 Lastly, the professor has NO communication skills via e-mail. His e-mail on the syllabus seems merely a formality. Yes, it's there, but what's the point of having it if he NEVER responds? I can't talk to him after class since I usually work right after. In fact I have 10 minutes to get to my job after school. It's right down the street and it works out fine. But still, how is this right?

 What are your thoughts/opinions on the aforementioned? I am not sure where to go now, but I need to get this straightened out so my test doesn't crash my overall grade. Your advice is always appreciated.


Hello Andrew,
Thanks for asking a question. I could comment on what "should have happened" when the edition issue was discovered but that does not solve your current problem. Here are some suggestions for the immediate problem:

1. find someone who has the 2nd edition and borrow it (perhaps someone in another section of the class)
2. see if another college has the 2nd edition available (to buy, rent, or check from a library)
3. your laptop is broken, borrow another and re-download the 2nd edition ebook - print it so you are not using a laptop (some ebooks cannot be printed, some can and I am assuming you can bring in a book printed on paper)

Here are some suggestions about coping with the instructor:
1. document your "attempted" communication and lack of response; you should have several of these emails based on your statements
2. when you have a question, send a new respectful inquiry email, but this time copy the department chair
3. set an appointment with the professor, perhaps before class instead of after; show you are willing to adjust your schedule because a meeting is important to you

Essentially, show you are committed to working out this difficulty. It is very possible that there are others with the same problem. Could you check around and see what others could be doing to solve the problem?

I hope that I may have given you a suggestion that you can use, good luck with your course.

Take care,
Dr. W

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