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Hi Dr. Wolfe,

I am a teacher currenty enroled in a continuing education program at a Canadian university.
I am very curious to know how far in advance professors or instructors know which courses/sections they will be teaching.
For example, the university I'm attending, announced the professor for an upcoming course (which I'm planning to take), several weeks ago, but now, one week prior to it's commencement, the instructor has been changed to someone else.  Are last minute changes really last minute changes, or do you tink that the professor who took over, knew well in advance that he would be taking over.  Just curious as to how this works.
Thank you in advance for your response!

Hello Victoria,
Thanks for asking a question. I suppose it really depends on the instructor or the school as to how early or late changes are made. I know at my school we are scheduled far in advance but sometimes they will pull me out of one class and give me another.  Keep in mind that not all instructors are approved for all classes. So if you have a marketing professor that also teaches critical thinking, and she is scheduled for a marketing class and at the last minute they need her to teach a new section of critical thinking...well, you can figure out what happens! There are also health issues to think about. I once had a prof scheduled for a class but then his wife was diagnosed with cancer and he took a leave of absence.

Scheduling students and instructors can be very difficult, and I am sure that the school is doing its best to be proactive and efficient.

Take care,
Dr. Wolfe

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