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Hey, I'm taking Yasmin 28 for the last 3 years. in the last 3 months I have had sex twice with my boyfriend. Though becasue I knew I would be engaging in sexual activity using a condom & I never missed a pill in the last 2 months. During the third month, I missed a few pills but I did not engage in any sexual activity. It is the last of my sugar pills and I have not yet recieved my period. I'm not too concerned about being pregnant becasue I know I was perfect with my pills while having sex. Plus it has been three months since I've had my last period becasue I tend to skip over my periods, I will contunously go onto the orange pills and skip the white pills.
I believe that if there was any sign of pregnancy I would have noticed by now. I mean, its been three months.

So is skipping my periods continusly what's making my periods weird. is my body skipping this period becasue I havent had one in so long?

Three months ago when I last got my period it was late, so this month I may not get it at all.

Dear Jenna,

Yes, this situation could be quite confusing. You can get pregnant even using a condom and birth control pill. But it would be a slight chance. But yes, if you are taking your pills in this manner, this can affect your natural cycle. I would not recommend doing this because I feel that a woman should have a natural cycle and not alter the hormones in your body. Let me know what happens. If you do want to take a pregnancy test, you can get a FREE one at a local pregnancy resource center. To find a center near you, go to or and click on the worldwide directory. Please email me at so we can talk privately.

Diane W.

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