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Contraception and VD/I don't understand birth control and I am planning to lose my virginity.


I am planning on getting birth control towards the end of this December coming up for the first time, so when January comes I can do it with my boyfriend. We are both virgins and we are still in High school in our senior year but we are at the age 18 & up. I am bit scared for my first time. Can someone tell me about birth control pills or a patch and how long does it take to work? Once I have sex for the first time, do I need to keep taking them because I am not planning to keep having sex until maybe April, may or I don't know next year or something. Even though we are at the age to be able to have sex, I am sort of scared to tell my mom or my older sister. What can I do to get them to understand. I know that I want to use birth control and I want him to use a condom because I am afraid getting pregnant. I really need someone's help. At first I was thinking about using the patch but I am afraid that it might fall off or I might forget to put it on. But then again I don't want pills because I don't know how to swallow them. What would happen if I miss a day of taking a pill but I didn't have sex yet until that day comes. Is it true that you have to wait a month before having sex once you go on birth control? Which one would be best for me the pill or patch? I am not sexually active, I think I just want to lose my virginity and that's it and I don't want to do nothing else or keep continue unless I want to. So do I have to continue taking them after I lose my virginity or is it only before I have sex. I just don't want to get pregnant that's all but I am ready to go to next level with him. Please help :(

Hey Tiffany, Thanks for your question. From what you say, I don't think I would recommend you having sex with him right now. I don't recommend the patch because there have been reports of health risks from that method. Also, condoms are not 100% safe in preventing pregnancy. You can get pregnant from just one time of sex, so what would you do if you get pregnant. I would just say think about this a lot and reconsider. Yes, if you take the birth control pills, it is a method where you would be sexually active and be on it for several months or years. There can be side effects from the hormones in the pills. And if you weren't planning on being sexually active continuously, I don't know if that would be a good method for you.

How about if you email me at and we can talk more. There is too much to talk about for answering on

Hope to hear from you soon.

Diane W.

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