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I visited a strip club a couple of days back and wanted to ask about an incident and whether I should get tested for HIV because of that visit. I am 23 years old male and some of my friends peer pressured me into visiting a strip club. I don't think I would visit one ever again. I had a couple of lap dances and this is why I am concerned.

I have a habit of biting my fingernails and one day before visiting the strip club I had bitten one of my fingernails quite deeply (you could see some redness after the nail was bitten and it hurt). A few hours before visiting the strip club I had two small cuts on one of my fingers. None of these cuts were actively bleeding at the time I visited the strip club but they were relatively fresh and would hurt. I was not involved with fingering any of the strippers during the lap dances. Could these cuts on my fingers be a risk HIV transmission during the lap dances? One more thing that is bothering me is that during one of the lap dances one of the strippers nipples went in my mouth a couple of times. Could this be a potential risk for HIV transmission?

Should I get tested for these two situations? I have been worrying about them and do not know what to do, please help me with this.

Derik, I understand your concern and am happy to hear that you probably wouldn't go back. It's important to be able to be strong and only do things that you want to and not be pressured by other people. I hope you have learned this lesson now.

I don't think that there is a big risk from what you are telling me. However, if it makes you feel more at peace, please do get tested and then you will know for sure. Please let me know what happens. You can email me privately at

Diane W.

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