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Contraception and VD/Contact with fresh blood - risk of transmission ?



I had an encounter a few days ago that I have been stressed about.

I went to a store to buy some clothes. When I was checking out the clothes at the checkout counter, I noticed that
the woman at the counter has cut her thumb and was bleeding (she hadn't noticed it herself, but I could see blood come out of a cut in her thumb).

She proceeded to checkout the clothes that I had bought and then gave me a form to fill (for some membership card). This is when she noticed that her hand was bleeding. But she proceeded to give me a couple of forms and a pen (using her bleeding hand). She also had to tear off a section of the form and also had to explain me what all she wanted me to fill in the form. She did all this using her hand that was bleeding. In the process she also smeared a little blood on a part of the form.

I do not know what I was thing (or not thinking). I knew that I was stressed about her thumb being cut but I went ahead and filled that form (with smeared blood) with the pen that she gave me.

I have a habit of biting my nails and usually the tips of my fingers have bitten fingernails and sometimes you can see some red flesh. I also hurt my fingers and they bleed sometimes while I am biting the nails. Around one and a half hour ago prior to this incident, I had bitten a finger nail and it had bled a little.

I am really stressed about this incident and I want to ask if this encounter had risk for transmission and if I should get tested for it.

I would be very grateful if people could advise me about this situation.
Thanks a lot in advance for your time and response.

I really don't think that you should worry very much about this incident. I think it would not be very likely to have been transmitted anything. But what have other people said about your situation? Have you contacted your doctor? Let me know.

Diane W.

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