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Hi my name is stefanie. I had some problemes with the pill I am 25 years old. And I have two boys one is 4years old an the other one is 2 years old so I don't the pill anymore!! In february I wanted to go for the marina but my doctor accidently messed it up becuase it has changed and so he open me up ready to put it in but never dit so march come and I didn't have my menstrial cycle and now end of april I didn't have my menstral cycle again I went for a blood test to make sure I'm not pregnant but I did the test like end of march I didn't go again I did some home pregnancy test but al come out negitive!! So I want to know is it possible to be pregnant and the test didn't pick it up??? And I want to know now what I should do not to get pregnant?? I am married but we can't use condoms becuase I get infections if I use them I tried the female codom as well and I still get infections for using them?? I have the marina its already paid for and now I don't know if it such a good idee to put it in because of all the side effects,, the pill also gave me side effects like moodswings and low libido and depression!! So I really don't know what to do???

Hi Stefanie, The only thing I can recommend is the Natural Family Planning method. You can find out more from
I don't know very much about it but look there and see what info you can find. All other methods that are hormonal are unhealthy in my opinion. I know it is hard to worry about pregnancy all the time. I went through that when I was younger. So you only want two children? Write me at
Would love to talk to you more.

Diane W.

Contraception and VD

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I will be out of town for a few days and won't be able to answer questions. If you would like to email me, you may do so at and I will answer on my return. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method of birth control? I can answer questions about the various forms of contraception/birth control. I have knowledge about condoms, Nuvaring, Depo provera, the Patch, birth control pills, IUD, etc. I can answer some questions about sexually transmitted diseases.


I have 25 years experience with counseling women about contraception methods and STDs.

25 years of volunteering and counseling young women. I volunteer with a local pregnancy resource center and have an internet ministry.

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