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i am 18 yrs old and my bf and i were playing around but we did not have intercourse n he did not ejaculate,but i took a postinor 2 as precaution 2 hrs later after the act the same day n then later i took the second dose 3 hrs later by accident as i was nervous.all of this happened tue june 11.i had bleeding 7 days later which lasted 3-4 days which is june my last period was june 4 and ended june 9. i have not seen my period as yet but my breast are tender n feeling swollen so am asking cud i be pregnant

It is not a good idea to panic and take these medications when you don't know if you really need to. The hormones could be affecting you. I cannot tell you. You would need to go to a doctor and/or get a pregnancy test. To get a free pregnancy test, you can go to a local pregnancy resource center. You can find one at or and click on the worldwide directory. Let me know how you are doing and if you got your period. You can email me at

Diane W.

Contraception and VD

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I will be out of town for a few days and won't be able to answer questions. If you would like to email me, you may do so at and I will answer on my return. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method of birth control? I can answer questions about the various forms of contraception/birth control. I have knowledge about condoms, Nuvaring, Depo provera, the Patch, birth control pills, IUD, etc. I can answer some questions about sexually transmitted diseases.


I have 25 years experience with counseling women about contraception methods and STDs.

25 years of volunteering and counseling young women. I volunteer with a local pregnancy resource center and have an internet ministry.

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