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Contraception and VD/Initial test positive all following tests negative


had lab work done in March.   It was a general physical and I got it done because my last physical was. 5 years before and I had it done because of it drug use and went to prison for 3 years.

Here's what happened...  My. Initial screening came. Back. positive but the second test and third test the doc ordered came back. Negative...  When he consulted the hiv specialist at sharp Reese steely he said that that he has never seen a case that has tested positive on just the initial screening and. Negative u time after...  After those two. Tests the doctor ordered a viral load count test and the logs and the count itself. We're. Below any detectable amts  1.7 was the threshold of one test and 79 was the threshold of the other...  I had a viral load test done on  6 months ago and just had my retest this week and both tests they were unable to detect any amounts... I've never had anything come back with any positive results other other Han the initial screening...  My girlfriend is uneasy and I've tried to tell her what my doctors have said yet she still is apprehensive what can I say that will put her mind at ease

Kevin, I hate to say this but there might not be any way to put your gfs mind at ease. This can be a very scary and dangerous situation to her and something to really think about. Maybe she could talk to the doctor or see some documentation? Let me know what happens.

Diane W.

Contraception and VD

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