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This was the only place I could think to post this question.  No where else seemed to look relevant. My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for six years. We both know for a fact that we never want to have children.
My boyfriend is very tall, he is 6 foot 5 1/2. However, he may have a low fertility rate. I was wondering if given the right information if you could tell me the likelihood if he is in fertile. He has one undescended testicle and the other is very close to his body. Also, his voice never cracked during puberty. Right now, he is uncomfortable with the idea of a Vasectomy so I am going to get essure done in a few months,  but, due to possible pregnancy from any birth control option,  I would feel much better if we both had forms of protection. So, what is the likelihood that he may be infertile?


He could be born with one testicle and it could be the size of a snow pea and he could be fertile! Unless he was born with Klinefelter's, intersex, hermaphroditic, or clinically sterile at birth, its safe to assume all men are fertile. So unless you bring him to a fertility specialist to run an exam, there's no way I could tell you via the internet what your boyfriend's testosterone counts and sperm ratios are. I would have him look into making an appointment with a urologist for further follow up. Let me know if you need follow up.

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