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Contraception and VD/Diseases transmitted through blood


I've heard that oral sex can be dangerous if there are any sores in a mouth and a couple should use a condom. Is that true? Would it mean you should always use protection, because you can never be sure that there aren't any fractures in the mouth tissue? Another thing I am concerned about is blood play. It's kind of a fetish of mine, but the only thing that's stopping me is safety. If partners taste each other blood and touch each other while both having any kind of open wound, would it be a way for a disease to get transmitted? And the final question, if both partners test for STI and none carries any diseases, would oral sex and playing with blood (small amount, don't worry) be safe?
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MOST, not all, but MOST STI's are transmitted through one of the following routes: blood, seminal fluid, and vaginal secretions. In HIV particularly, you can also add breast milk. As a health educator, I always suggest people who engage in intercourse outside a committed relationship to use a barrier method with any form of intercourse to prevent transmission-including oral sex. If you have been tested and are negative and your partners are negative, then you make your own decisions to use barrier methods for hygiene and added safety. Fetishes are simply that-something each of us may enjoy that is "contrary to the norm." And I have no qualms with yours, BUT I would advise you to be careful with future partners and engaging in blood play; particularly when related to kissing and oral intercourse IF you are not aware of their STI status because of the risk of herpes specifically. Herpes sores usually bleed and appear around the mouth, lips, so just a proviso. If you have any additional questions let me know, but as long as you and your play is consensual-do what makes you happy.



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