Contraception and VD/warts?


So I won't post a picture, but I recently noticed some bumps on and around my labia major. At first I just thought they might just be ingrown hairs or little zits. But they are clear/fleshy colored and with enough squeezing I can pinch them off. Once I've removed it, it looks like a weird fleshy piece of skin. I'm kind of freaking out because I've had sex with one person in the last year and we were in a committed relationship and always used condoms. I have a GYN appt but not for 2 weeks. Is there anyway this could be something else? Would I be able to remove them this easily?


Without an image, I really have no clue what it is you're talking about, but it could be white or blackheads related to sebaceous cysts that you could be pulling off. That's entirely possible, but if you want to do a home test for HPV you can use a Qtip dipped in white vinegar, rub the solution over whatever skin tag you think you want to test. If the area turns WHITE, then it could be viral or pre-cancerous tissue, but if the area stays PINK then its normal tissue and there's nothing to worry about. Let me know what you think and get back to me.



Contraception and VD

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