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Contraception and VD/How likely is it that I am pregnant?


I was wondering if you could tell me how likely is it that I am pregnant.

I had sex on March 5th and my bf came into a condom and then he took that one off and put on a second one that we later found out broke but he didn't cum into that one. I would have ovulated on March 7th.

Here are some of the symptoms I have been having:

At first I was light headed and dizzy a lot if I moved too fast now I am having that less.

I have nausea that comes and goes usually after I eat or if I am moving around a lot.

I get an occasional headache.

I recently noticed my boobs have gotten bigger and they occasionally have an odd feel to them that I don't usually have (not painful just like tingly or full) and around my nipples are starting to get darker.

I am generally uncomfortable at times for some unknown reason sometime.

I get an odd taste in my mouth randomly.

I have been having cramps in my lower abdomen.

I have been having leg cramps the last couple days which I have NEVER gotten before and I wasn't doing anything unusual.

I have been having a lot of vaginal discharge it's white and clear and it's slimy.


Actually you're describing more of a fungal infection than pregnancy because the discharge alone would suggest that. The likelihood of him getting you pregnant is much smaller because already had ejaculated in the first condom and was in refractory period, so there wasn't as big of a risk for semen to be introduced into your vaginal canal. Your symptoms, aside from the cramping and discharge are isolated, but you might want to consult with your OBGYN in order to see if you could use an antibiotic. If you have follow-up let me know.



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