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Do most Jews-by-birth accept Jews-by-choice as being Jewish?

You ask a particularly good question. The basic and overall answer I will give you is that they are supposed to but don't always. The Torah says there will be one law for the born and converted Jew. However, I have been asked to provide documentation of my Jewishness and that of my spouse that a born-Jew (admittedly by the program so requesting!) would not have been asked to provide. I think some Jews look down on converts but this has never been a significant issue with me anyway. There is also a sectarian difference in the way a convert is perceived and treated depending upon which group (or even which rabbi within a group) one converted to (for example Orthodoxy does not consider Reform Jews Jewish. All of this said I would not let this dissuade me from converting. It is a person journey, one I've found very rewarding. All the best in your search and decisions. Shalom

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