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I want to sell flavored popcorn at an event using basic air frier and saucepans to make the syrups. How do I keep the syrup hot, liquid and ready to use as per order, without burning it?

Interesting logistical problem there.

The best solution that occurs to be off the top of my head would be a chaffing dish, or perhaps a very hot crock pot.  I would put the syrups into metal or heavy duty plastic containers, or glass jars perhaps, then store them in the chaffing dish in a hot water bath.  The water should come about halfway up the containers/jars - don't submerge them.  The water should be hot but not boiling.  You will probably want a cover too (aluminum foil will likely work) to help keep the heat in.

Water will never get above 212F (100C) in our situation, so the containers inside will never get above 212, so the syrup will never have a chance to burn as long as there is still water in the dish.

Hope that helps.  If not, give me more details about what you're going to do and I can help more.

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