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What's that thing on top of the pressure cooker (alimunum) /w no gauges, (manual type), ?  It violontly spins and knockcs and I put the precise measurement for beans (dried), soaked for 10-15 min and it got burned and all the water evaporeted.  Are you suppose to put a towel on top and will it affect that top spinner?  Used range oven (or regular stove top) open flame, medium heat.  Should u add more water as well, if needed by reopening?

Itīs a valve.

The most important is you to know that what cooks your food inside a pressure cooker is steam generated by heating water under pressure.

It is a very fast cooking method specially for beans and other hard food.

If your beans got burned and water evaporated probably was due to a bad adjustment of the top or a bad condition of the internal topīs band, that permitted seteam/water went out.

To put a towel on the top is a very risky practice, because if you block steam generaed inside the cooker it can explode.

To use it correctly just be sure that the top has a good adjustment and/or the internal band has to be in very good conditions and position.

Finally, you can add more water by reopening the cooker if you need. BUT TAKE IN ACCOUNT THAT IS A PRESSURE COOKER AND INTERNAL HEAT IS SO HIGH, DONīT OPEN IT WHEN HEAT!! you have to let it cool and then open.

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