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What is the difference between "wild boar" and feral hogs?


A wild boar is a different species of swine a picture can be seen here:

They have shorter hind legs, taller back, are shorter, with a longer more pointed snout and have coarse black hair.  They were imported for sport hunting and many escaped to the wild and now roam free.

Feral Hogs are domestic hogs, that have escaped and turned wild and have imbred with Boar or other species of pigs.  They may bear some of the characterisitics of Boar, such as the dark coloring, but also be colored like domestic hogs.  Their bodies are longer, and they look more like a domestic hog, shorter lighter colored hair, curled tails, straight back rather than high shoulders.

Notice the coloration, the stright back, and loger bodies of the feral hogs vs the wild boar above.

Both species can be dangerous to people and destructive to property.  Their high birthrate makes them an agricultual pest and their are few restrictions on killing them.  No limits, no closed season or restrictions on means of hunting them.  

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