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What are those tinea versicilor/herpes (post), type of spore like spots on sheep after you cook them, this particular one was from the mexican market alittle out of Los Angeles, CA though?  It kinda of looked like pepper / chili rounded flakes , but I don't know if that was the cause?


Your description does not provide me with enough info.  You first say they are white, then make reference to pepper/chili flakes.

Are you saying that they look like the seeds from a chili pepper, being white in color?

It sounds like what freezer burn looks like, but I gather that the meat looked fine before cooking and the spots only appeared after it was cooked.  Correct?

The white spots might well be indications that the meat has a parsitic infection.  Pork exhibits the same look when infected with the Trichinosis parasite which shows up as cysts in the muscle or meat tissue.  The cysts appear as white nodules or spots.

The larva of cysticeri or tapeworm can occur in both pork and lamb.  If the meat is cooked, the cysts should crack with a pop if you crush them.  

Check out the description here:  

Cooking Meat

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