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I left out an unopened package of polish kielbasa overnight.  It was frozen when it was taken out around noon and not put in fridge until 5 am the next morning.  Is it still any good?


Kielbasa is usually partially if not entirely cooked before packaging.  Sausage as a rule usually has enough sodium nitrites in them to act a preservative that you could leave it out for a  Really, you are going to cook it, so unless its full of maggots, you'll kill any bacteria in it that may have grown with the heat of cooking.  Also recall kielbasa is kept in the refrigerator case at the store not the freezer.  Check the used by date and you'll see that it will last for up to a month at refrigerator temperatures.  

Sausage and bacon are cured with nitrites, and nitrites will turn a slight green if left out, so bacon and sausage are still good even if they have a light green tinge to them.  Just cook them as usual.  Nitrites are how dried sausage can be cured and stored unrefrigerated without spoiling.

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