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How to take wild taste out of hog.


If it is wild boar taint there might not be a way to get it all out.  

Tainted meat, from the hormones of uncut boars is pretty strong.  The only thing you can do is to try to dilute it with a marinade.

Soaking or brining the pork in a solution of salt water and spices, fruit juice, like apple juice for several days to a week, in refrigerator or cold conditions will draw some of the off flavor out of the meat and replace it with the juice, spice or brown sugar flavor.  Check the web for pork brining recipes.  I published some in other answers if you care to look through them.

Put the meat in a trash bag and cover with the salty brine or just flavored or spiced juice and nature will draw in the flavored liquid and release out the tainted flavor to a degree.  Its called a membrane reaction where nature is trying to equalize the concentration of the solutions, that is the liquid in the cells of the pork and the surrounding juice solution.

It works, but will not work miracles on very strongly tainted meat.  Keep the meat cool and in the liquid for 3-4 days.

Then see if the smell or flavor has decreased.

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