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Molokaiian wrote at 2011-11-12 19:13:13
The quality of the meat begins from the time you start to skin your wild boar or sow.  Make sure you wash down the animal with water and if it is a boar, milk its genitals to get rid of any semen that may get on the meat while skinning. Also give it an enima, so when skinning no waste will go on meat.  After skinning and deboning or quartering soak in a cooler with running water to cool down meat and to get rid of any hair or blood durring the process.  When meat has been cooled down some, layer a cooler of ice and rock salt on meat.  This will bleed the meat.  Drain water daily and add ice and rock salt for about 2-3 days.  For an additional day you could soak meat in baking soda and rock salt and ice.  The baking soda will tenderize and rid of game smell if any.

Gary Sunbeam wrote at 2013-01-13 16:07:03
Dear Mr Patton,  Because it's been more than 7 years since u posted yr query about how to prepare wild boar for eating, I hope that u have as much of an answer as u need.  However, in case u don't, yr correspondent Dot doesn't know that it's one phenomenon and two or more phenemona.  Bull-baiting was to train bulldogs to be able to take out a rutting bull that was threatening families, calves and cows. It had nothing to do with the law.  His phrase "In the 1870's during the post civil war boom..." is riddled with inaccuracies: Our Civil Wars were in the 1640s, not the 1860s; the plural of 1870 is 1870s; and, taking it to be the US Civil War, after that conflict many ex-servicemen pointed their guns at the original inhabitants, tamed the frontier, and set up ranches which produced domesticated meat.  Which tastes of nothing much, compared to game.  Now, he might be right about scared dead animals tasting different from relaxed dead animals, but this has nothing to do with gaminess. To compare these two, u could eat halal beef which died a slow easy going-to-sleep blood-letting death, to the West's aggressive stungun approach.

Further, if u kill a wild animal after a chase, it'll be cleaner than otherwise, for it'll dump its ex-food to lighten itself for the running. And it'll have even less fat on itself than usual for it'll have burnt off lots, in the exertions of the hunt.

Edible wild animals, called "game" in the Queen's English, are so full of strength and vigor that they're considerably less easy to eat than the meats of tamed animals.  [Thinking cannibal as a metaphor, compare a quarter-back to an office-worker.  Which would u rather eat?.]  To let Mumsie Nature help us here, game was and is hung, as in left at room-temperature somewhere where it wouldn't be eaten by cats, rats, dogs, owls, cockroaches, crows &/or bear; nor rendered rotten from sunlight &/or stuffiness.  Here, it was and is left to mature for a little while; like, a week or few.  This gets it edible for us civilized humans.

To further increase its edibilty, and drown any diseases that might have started in it, game was and is often cooked in alcohol: dark beers called porter and stout being favorites. Certain spices are also said to soften boar: whole cloves; cloves of garlic; and half-coins of fresh ginger. All, stuck into the boar's hide at hanging-time [the hide will become Very tasting crackling if u microwave it.  The smell alone will smilify yr face!!!  Its rendered fat, on toast with marmalade, is awesome]. Mint too tenderizes boar/pork; stick a sprig of it deep inside the boar's mouth. The spices' smells deter insects from snacking on the carcass.  Long slow simmering is reckonned to be the way to cook it. But u gotta shave the carcase first, 'cos its pelt is not tasty; in fact, not even edible.

In my own small way, I've made a web cookbook. It's the bit after the @ in my email address below.  I hope that u enjoy it, even tho' boar is absent from its  game section. Sorry!!.

david wrote at 2013-01-27 01:47:24
Wild boar can be very tastey or rank and seemingly uneatable. I have found from personal experience that the meat is not changed in a great way by  how u catch it wether it was stressed or killed quick but more to do with the animals diet.A pig that has been eating bush tucker like roots, worms and rotten carcasses will most defimatly taste awful. When in summer or in different areas where the pigs are forced to graze and eat crops will taste amazing. When its possible i like to eather bring a pig home and fatten it on maze or bread before killing it. Otherwise if it doesent look like its eatable then let it go. But if its the trophy you want then atleast bring the meat out and cook it for the mutts.

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