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Hi! Together with some friends, we are providing lunch for 65 adult students, aged from early twenties to late sixties. We are planning a soup and salad bar, much like the Sweet Tomatoes restaurant.
Would 4 different soups be enough of a variety? Clam chowder, Wonton, Chicken and wildrice, and a Sweet potato soup. How much soup is needed of each kind?
And the saladbar, I saw you recommended 3 oz of lettuce greens per person, is that too much when you have soup also? As for toppings we were thinking grape tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, sunflowerseeds, cranberries, garbanzo beans, olives, cubed cheese, carrot stix, broccoli, red and green peppers. Is that enough of a variety? And how much of each topping?
On the side we were planning on having cut up french bread, butter, oil and vineagar, and a couple of creamy dressings. How much of each is needed?
For desert (only 38 people) we were thinking ice-cream and a couple of toppings? How much ice-cream and any suggestions on toppings?
Thanks for a great web site.

Your toppings are fine.  You have too many soups, cut down to 2 soups and figure 9oz per person. Figure 1/2 oz of each topping per person and 3 oz of dressing per person.  1 cup of ice cream per person, forget the toppings.  I'm sorry for the delay, I was on vacation and forgot to set it up here.

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