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Cooking for Parties/Barbeque for 200


Yes, I am going to try to do this with the help of a few friends.
Thank god for friends.

Our menu consists of:
pulled pork sandwiches
macaroni shrimp salad
potato salad
watermelon slices

Grooms favorites
Cheese triangles (Greek style with filo dough)
spanakopita (Greek style with filo dough)

Wedding cake
smore bar

Please help me figure out the quantities I'm needing.
I only have 4 months to put this together!!!

Your quantities that you requested are at the bottom of the page. My comments are simply FYI based on many years experience as a wedding planner and catering expert.

This menu will not work for a wedding. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but you need to be aware of a few things before you set yourself up for what is going to be a disastrous event if you proceed as planned. If you want to embarrass yourself and your family, it's up to you, but I would tend to think you don't want to do that. This is NOT a wedding menu, this is a frat kegger menu which means your parents' friends will be having a fine time dissing you for the food selections and dissing your parents for not teaching you how to plan a party or a proper menu. (Don't think they don't do this, THEY DO!!) Re-think your menu and also, where are you having this?  </b>NO VENUE WILL ALLOW YOU TO BRING IN FOOD FROM AN UNLICENSED KITCHEN.</b>  Unless you are having this in a park or your home (and then where will you park all the cars??) you won't be able to bring in home-cooked food.

You should not serve macaroni and potato salad in the same meal PARTICULARLY since you are not serving anything but starches and no vegetables or green salads.  Shrimp will go bad very quickly in the summer heat (and mayo will make it worse) and I STRONGLY recommend against that dish. Drippy watermelon slices are also a poor choice as they will get warm quickly, are difficult to store and full of seeds.  Do you really want to watch people spitting seeds at your WEDDING?

You have also chosen to have two appetizers that are messy, crumbly and greasy.  Spanakopita is an entree, not an appetizer and you will not be able to eat it with your fingers (or the other one either) which means lots of extra plates and forks. You have added to your starches with two more starchy, bread-filled dishes.  Your guests will be leaving right after dinner to go home and sleep off all the heavy carbs.  Also, there are very few ingredients more difficult to work with, easy to screw up, incredibly labor intensive, and expensive as Phyllo dough.  You will need AT LEAST 1,000 pieces of the cheese triangles for this many people and another 1,000 pieces of the spanakopita and if you start NOW and work full time on them all day every day (and have a commercial freezer to store them in) you might get them done, but if you are planning to make and serve these fresh, you have chosen an IMPOSSIBLE task unless you have at least 35-50 people helping you.

You don't have nearly enough variety here for your food either, no vegetables, no green salads or anything that would make a balanced, flavorful variety for a memorable WEDDING meal.  

Without seeing the recipes, I can't tell you how much phyllo dough you will need but add about 30% extra so that screw-ups are taken into consideration.

A s'mores bar?  Really?  Seriously?  So people can drip chocolate all over their dress-up clothes? Do you think you can get chocolate stains out of your wedding dress easily?  Why don't you have a chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting instead and save yourself the mess?
Are you planning a drippy chocolate fountain?  Or will you be issuing sticks to your guests so they can roast their own sticky, gooey messes?  Be prepared for the ground/floor to be covered with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate debris that will be tracked into your home and ground into your carpet.

You will need per person:
3 oz of pulled pork per slider (since you are serving such a limited menu)
so you will need 120 pounds of pork (pre-cooked weight)
2 oz BBQ sauce per person (13 quarts)
600-700 slider buns (3.2 per person since you are serving such limited food selections)
4 oz of salad greens and 2 oz of dressing per person (which you aren't serving)
4 oz of side dishes (up to 3 sides) (which you aren't serving)
15-20 watermelons depending on size
1 slice of cake (or more since you aren't serving nearly enough dishes)

There are much better menu choices than the ones you have selected. I'm happy to help you make better and more appropriate dishes. It's your WEDDING.  

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