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Hello Teri,

Can one use a chafing dish to keep calzone warm? We weren't sure if it would make the bread soggy or vice versa, or if it would actually work well. You see, I'm living in a foreign country, and trying to start a business so I can provide for my family. Not a lot of options over here, as this place is still considered a Third World country, but I would be able to get a chafing dish, and would have to use fuel wax to operate it.

Also, if there does happen to be a problem with using this technique to keep the calzone warm, would wrapping them in foil first help?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)


Calzones are meant to be served hot and fresh from the oven and tend to get rock hard and stale very quickly after being removed from the oven.  Also, depending on the size of it, you would have one side hot and rock hard and the other side would be soggy. It's your call, but I would serve something else that is more warmer-friendly.

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