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we are self catering a dessert reception for my daughter's June wedding. we have lots of volunteers and plenty of space to keep stuff cold etc. if we have a variety of cookies/pies/cupcakes, deli kabobs with meat and cheese, strawberry shortcake kabobs and fresh veggies, my question is how much per person if the reception starts at 8 pm?  and how do you judge drinks (lemonade, iced tea, coffee and tea) per person?

On the drinks, will there be dancing?  If so you will need more non-alcohol drinks.  On an average in a wedding in the summer with dancing you will need to figure about 32 ounces of non-alcoholic beverage per person for 3 hours.

In a dessert bar you can make your life ever so much easier by allowing Costco or Sam's to cater it. Both of them sell a wonderful plain frozen cheesecake (Cheesecake Factory at Costco another name brand at Sam's, both excellent) for much cheaper than you an make it that is pre-cut into 12 slices and it is $10-11 per cake. You would need 10 cakes for a party of 120.  You could have a topping bar with sliced strawberries, blueberry topping and raspberry topping and I have recipes for all three. They also have the most WONDERFUL little cream puffs that are SO to die for.  120 per barrel figure 3-4 per person. The also have frozen baby eclairs that are equally yummy and they used to have a frozen tiramisu that was amazing.  You can buy bags of big chunks of frozen fruit and I'll give you a great recipe for a fruit dip and another for pineapple cream cookies that are stupidly easy to make and will go like hotcakes.  Figure 1 cup of coffee per person, not everyone will drink it which will make up for the ones who get a refill.  Pies are too crumbly and cupcakes remind me of a kiddie party and presumably there will be a wedding cake?  BTW Wal-mart makes beautiful wedding cakes for $125 for a 3 tier cake that will feed 100 or so in chocolate or vanilla in a large variety of decorating options. Keep in mind that there is only just so much sugar people will consume, so a few very elegant desserts would be better than a lot of variety to put your guests in a sugar coma.  I liked the strawberry shortcake idea but the cake won't be dense enough to stay on the skewers and will get stale quickly.  I'd strongly recommend sheet cakes that could be split lengthwise and filled with chopped strawberries (so cake would be level) then "Frosted" with cool whip and sliced larger berries on top of that and dug out with a spoon and served with ice cream on the side. You could to the same thing with a chocolate sheet cake with raspberries or cherries and chocolate Cool Whip and more berries on top with chocolate shavings and again scoop it out with a spoon like a trifle.  If you need more help, let me know!

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