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we have decided to have a variety of itilian dishes for the reception- spaghetti and meat sauce, meatballs, cheese ravioli, lasagna, fettuccini alfredo tossed salad, and bread sticks serving about 300 how do I know how many pans of each do I prepare and how many bread sticks, I deeply appreciate any help you could give me, thank you in advance

You are making an enormous mistake with this menu. While a themed menu can be fun, an all pasta menu
is boring and the carb overload is going to put your guests in a coma long before the festivities are scheduled to end.  People will look at all this pasta and nothing else and after eating it will leave to go home and sleep off the pasta coma.  This is the worst menu I have ever seen for a wedding and I STRONGLY recommend that you rethink it. If you went to a restaurant and all they had were these menu items, would you eat there? There's also NO way to put menu cards into the invitations to know who wants what either; as every dish is the SAME. I ran your menu choices past my staff and their comments ranged from "Are you kidding?" to "I wouldn't be able to eat anything but the salad".  With the current gluten-free and low-carb craze, you are ensuring that 28-34% of your guests will NOT choose to or not be able to eat the food at your wedding not to mention an-all pasta dinner is about as boring as a menu gets. You add wedding cake on top of this horrendously over-starched menu and your guests will be gone by 8 pm.  I'd be happy to help you plan an Italian themed wedding menu for you, but this one is not going to work. Even worse, pasta dishes are the single most difficult thing to hold at serving temperature as well.  I always recommend against Fettucine Alfredo because it turns into a dry, pasty disaster in very short order because it dries out extremely fast unless the sauce is constantly added to it which is hard to do--and every one of your dishes will be dried out and awful. I'm astonished your caterer would not have talked you out of this and if you are planning to do this yourself, there's absolutely NO WAY you will be able to make all this pasta for 300 people in addition to everything else. Are you sure you want to do this?

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I am a wedding and party planner in St. Louis, Missouri and I do weddings and parties all over the country! My brides are my number one priority as I understand how important their wedding day is to them! Any questions about catering and cooking for large groups. This would include recipes, cooking techniques, what to serve, how to prevent food poisoning, food storage and food integrity. I have thousands of recipes that are scaled for large groups and gatherings and will be happy to share them! If you are in need of professional assistance for helping you to plan your wedding, party or corporate event, please feel free to contact me! I do a limited amount of weddings and parties every year in order to make sure that I have the best service for my clientele. Feel free to visit my business website at this address: WWW.EXQUISITEEVENTSUSA.COM for detailed information on what services I offer. I have price point weddings for every budget--no matter what size and I am very specific about what you get for your hard-earned money.


Catering and parties are a large part of the restaurant business. I do a lot of catering for local parties and weddings.
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Graduate, Le Cordon Bleu, Tokyo, Japan

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