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Hi I am gettmarried at the end of November and we will have 200 people there. I think we are going to do , Ceasars salad,  roast beef,  chicken marsala,  whipped garlic potatoes, green bean casserole,  and cream of jalapeno soup. How much  of every thing will we need? Thank you!

You will need to send out a "chicken or beef" card with your reception RSVPs as this is essential to know how much of each meat you will need, but the per person formula is the same.  MAKE SURE you send the menu choice card or you will double the cost of the food and have a lot of waste on top of it.
Per person you will need:

8 oz of meat entree (precooked weight)
5 oz of potato
5 oz of green bean casserole
3 oz of salad greens (remember--these are light so 3 oz is a nice portion)
6 oz of soup
1.5 rolls per person
1 TBS butter per person
1 slice cake per person
24 oz of non-alcoholic beverage per person

If you haven't picked out a wedding cake, I strongly suggest you go to Wal-Mart or Publix or any of the supermarket bakeries for your cake.  Wal-mart sells a 3 tier 100 serving cake for 125 and you could have his and her cakes for $250 which is very cheap and they are baked fresh and delicious.  I've bought hundreds of wedding cakes from them and every one was fresh, delicious and beautiful.  The supermarkets won't be as cheap as the walmart bakery but will be CONSIDERABLY cheaper than a wedding cake specialist. I've attached a photo of a 2 tier cake from walmart that I served at my own wedding and it was delish!

If I can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

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