Coping with Loneliness/Empty?


Hi Todd, just want to say thanks for offering your advice to people - Just knowing someone out there wants to help is a nice thought...

I don't even know where to begin or what my question is >.< I suppose it's just...How do you deal with a constant empty, drifting feeling? I'm disabled so I can't get out much, and I suffer from social anxiety, struggling to connect with people. It's isolating and lonely, and I'm really not sure how many more years I'm supposed to have to suffer in silence....How can I find a little ray of sunshine for my always cloudy days?


Thanks for reaching out to me. I can certainly relate and long-term isolation can lead to all sorts of problems as you know.  

I do a few activities which have made my life better. I volunteer at various kinds of things - this way I can pick what interests me. I also have pen pals, both snail mail and email. One of my biggest outlets has been Twitter as many people are in a similar (isolated) situation and love the idea of connection.  I never resonated with Facebook, but there are all kinds of neat people on Twitter. You can also find weekly voice group chats related to your interests.

I can appreciate the challenge and find that I still struggle if I don't have connection,,


Coping with Loneliness

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I`m open and available to answer questions regarding loneliness, disconnection, and increasing support. I want to share my experience, strength and hope. I`m aware that it takes effort to overcome the habit of isolation


I know what it's like to be lonely, disconnected and feel isolated. I moved a lot when I was a kid and never had the chance to develop roots. I'd like to share what has helped, and perhaps some solutions that might help you.

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