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Coping with Loss/Daughter fears me dying.


My daughter who is 25 and has a slight learning diffeculty so some of her understanding isn't what it should be, is scared to death of me dying and what will she do with out me. I am 50 and have diabetes which is under control, hopefully iam not going anywhere yet.  My daughter is under a psychiatrist and psycholigist and is on medication for OCD. She gets herself into such a state that she cannot function. She doesn't work and has no real friends, It is making me feel ill.

Hi Vanessa.. your daughter seems to be under the care of some very reputable people.  Are  you getting out with your friends and doing things??  If  you are always home.. your daughter will never learn to do with out you .. Is there some reason she is not employed???   can you talk with her doctors and see what they would suggest  you should be able to expect from your daughter?  IF she has only a slight learning disability she should be able to function on her own.. It sounds as though you are feeling very overwhelmed by your daughter..  Can she live on her own?  Is she able to look after her needs?   It might be time for her to move out and live on her own and give you some space... Even though we love our children, there is a time when we need to push them out of the nest.. They need to learn to rely on themselves.. it might be very scary for your daughter with the thought of losing you .. It sounds as though she is making you her whole world.  She needs to find an outlet for her talents and learn to use them..  Being independent is something that every one needs to learn.. It is not an easy situation you are in... again  talk with her doctors and ask what their thoughts are... they are dealing with her and know her better than I do... I wish you all the best...

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