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Coping with Loss/how to move on from grieving of the lost of my boyfriend


My boyfriend and I grew up together we just started a relationship bout 6 months before he died. I am having a hard time with him gone, We would talk everyday, and go out every weekend. He just passed away in October 2012. I have tried everything that I know how to cope with this. I go to his grave every week just to talk to him. I am just wondering why am I having a hard time with this?

Hi Maggie..  Losing someone close to you is a very difficult thing to come to terms with... Your are grieving and no one grieves the same... It may take you some time to heal from your loss...  You not only lost a boyfriend  you also lost a good friend... It is good you go to his grave and feel that you can talk to him... this is also a healing process..  Something to think about... if you have things of his in your room... how does it make you feel to look at those things???    Does it give you comfort to see them there   or does it bring sadness reminding you of what you have lost??  If you feel sad,  then take those things and put them into a box... keep them for a later time when looking at them will bring you the happy memories that came when you were collecting them... If you can..  spend time thinking about all the happy times  you had.. some special things you did together... let yourself smile and be happy remembering those very special times..  It will take time to heal.. there is not time limit as to how long that will take... I wish you all the best   if you need to contact me again... please feel free to do so...  

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