Coping with Loss/sad after 17 years


Sue wrote at 2014-10-12 15:21:28
I am so sorry for your loneliness. I would not worry about being a burden to your son. I would move as close to him as possible so that you can be included in his life. You still have him as family. Please, don't isolate yourself. Talk to your son about moving closer to him. Please. If you find these things difficult to do, please try to locate a therapist (counselor) that you can talk to. If you don't have insurance, find out who takes a sliding scale. There is a page called "psychology today" that lists therapist according to you zip code and it tells what kind of insurance they take. You sound like me. And I am clinically depressed. Please see a regular doctor to start with and maybe a psychiatrist afterwards for the right medication.  You don't have to suffer. And I agree with your expert. Find grief support groups to attend. Also once a week for starters look in the newspaper for something free to do under the listings of community events. Another great page is They list all activities in your area. I am so sorry for your loss. You want to tell your husband about all the things because he is the father of your son and he was and is your life partner. Your feelings are very normal. Sending warms hugs. ps Find some online groups where you can post your story and ask for tips and advice on how to proceed. Also call hotlines. Free hotlines take calls from people who are depressed. You are NOT alone.

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