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Dear Azure,

I'm unsure this is the right place to write this letter but here goes my letter. Where I reside there is a widow whose son was my childhood friend. That means the woman is old enough to be my mother of course. I'm currently in my mid-forties. I will guess her age to be in her late sixties. One day about eight to ten years ago (Let's just say maybe I was under the weather), as I was passing by her I said a "hello" to her which probably sounded more like a pass. Well, since that time I hardly ever see her anymore (Despite living within the same vicinity), but at times when I turn my head, and I look up and see her I notice she is staring at me. Most of the time I try to pretend not to even notice her, because to be honest I may have been simply horny at the time. However, now I feel what's wrong with her? That happened so many years ago. She is much older than I am, and since then I realize I made a mistake. Why is this woman still staring after so many years? Why doesn't she move on psychologically speaking? I will await your reply. O'. Almost forgot she lives above my Aunt. Thanks.

"staring" can be interpreted in different ways..she may be "looking" at you, but to know that, you would have to be looking at her as well...bottom line, why even thnk about it?...not worth the time...there are hopefully far more important issues for you to consider...

Coping with Older/Younger Relationships

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