Coping with Older/Younger Relationships/why she is behaving this way


i am 24 and she is 17
she is little bit amateur.
but when i talk to her i don't expect her to behave maturely..i just wanted her to guide in to a healthy mature  relationship.its already one year since we started.. i am staying away from my home and she was staying at hostel. so she was getting very little time to talk with me...the only thing she was saying when talking with me was-"when you will come , i remember our last meeting.".its all about our meetings..she dont even want to know what i am doing,whats my daily life etc..i dont think her to behave maturely,bcoz i know she is in the mental state  where she cant behave so.
but the latest event blown my mind.. she came to home after long time(and she has to go to a new city for higher study), and at home she get enough chances to call me.but she called me after 4 days.and at that time i was in my worst time of my life. i just wanted someone to support me..she called me after 4 days and  when i started talking about my problem, she behaved in such a way that she is not involved in my problem.she just asked me when you are coming,this time she was behaving differently, this time although she was saying i love u, but there was no feelings in it.this really hurt me.i always try to make her know that - love is not about saying i love you ..its all about caring..
May be her this type of behavior is due to her anxiety of traveling to big city.i want to mention that she is a girl having ego and high self esteem.
what should i do...if i should mention any additional information, plz say me..i ll mention it in  a followup question.

what do you expect from a 17 yr old?'re a man and she's a kid; she's way too young to be in some heavy relationship with you; if you say love is caring, show you care by letting her go and letting her experience life free of this emotional attachment that at 17 she's in no way ready for...

Coping with Older/Younger Relationships

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