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I truly need some answers here. I have been talking to this guy who has been engaged with my teammate/coach, he was really close with my other teammate that I used to take the transit with. We met when he took a break from his workout to hug him. We started texting everyday and it has almost been a year since we known each other. He have been hitting on me from the beginning I don't know why he was just so interested in me later on I had some troubles with my family and left home started staying at my bf's place. Then he said he was worried for me and asked me to call him. After a while one day when I was staying at another friends house he admitted he had a soft spot for what I have been going through due to what he had to deal with in his early childhood/ teenager years. I respect him for what he has suffered and I kind of feel like it gives us a huge sympathy to share and we also have what they describe the soulmate feeling. I have never felt closer to someone I don't even know before anyways after a physical abuse that I endured one day I called him in tears he said he was at work but I could come there and he could give me the keys to his place after that day HE LET ME STAY AT HIS PLACE FOR ABOUT TWO MONTHS. He is a gigantic sweetheart but the problem is we started cuddling and all that... The intimacy between us has grown ever since we had sex only once but it was one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life I looked it up and they actually call it spritual sex we always fantasized about the positions or you know we thought it would be plain "f***ing" but it turned out to be on making love side. He told me couple times that he loves me in a casual way one time he said "I might be loving you even more than I think I do" he says he wants me all the time and we sext nearly everyday. I tried to get away since he is engage couple times but now it seems lien there is no point because her finance knows about it. They haven't been having sex since he met me. What I think about all this is the girl already has her eye out but wants to keep him to be her main man, their relationship has run it's course and they will probably break up in a year or so. But the thing is he might be moving back to his home town and she is from there too And this is happening in a year. I need to make him stay couple moths ago he made me stay here and didn't want me to go back to my country. He mentions about future sometimes and that he wants to be together and stuff but I am super confused. I am seeing him this Saturday again what signs should I follow that he has feelings for me or is it just extreme sexual desire. I live on my own and I'm 18 he is 28.... So I don't think he can marry me right away after her it will be boring to him for sure and it won't be his first

this isn't where you want to be...he's a man, you're a teenager, he's engaged to someone else, isn't giving her up, and is conveniently seeing you on the side, with sexual activity included; talk about the future is just TALK, aimed to keep you in your place; this isn't gonna end well--get out while you can, as you are emotionally involved with a fantasy..

Coping with Older/Younger Relationships

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