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QUESTION: Y does ISIS hate the U.S. so much? Apparently they dont like the rest of the world that much either, but they seem to pick on us alot more. Or else the rest of the world has better security. But either way, y cant they just 'live and let live? I certainly understand u need to defend yor faith, but what did we do to them?

ANSWER: Hello Joyce and thank you for your question.

The question of "why they hate us" can be confusing for most Americans, who by most measures are moderate in their views and simply want to go about their lives: go to school, find a good job, get married, raise a family, etc.

Extremists like ISIS have a different worldview based on their particular interpretation of Islam.  They have a hatred for the West that they view as liberal and permissive and contrary to their conservative, traditional religious beliefs.  They want to form an Islamic caliphate, an Islamic state guided by religious principles. It's led by a caliph, a political / religious / military leader who is viewed as a successor to the prophet Muhammad.  They believe that they have a religious duty to spread Islam and kill the infidels or non-believers.  This includes anyone who does not believe what they do, including Christians, Jews and even other Muslims.

For more information on the Islamic State, their beliefs and goals, you can visit:

I hope this helps.


Jack Plaxe

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QUESTION: I heard the U.S. was TRAINING the Iraqis to fight on their own. How long does it take to train someone? I realize I dont understand war and guns ect, but it seems to me that if u get one trained, then that one could help train someone else and so on...I just hate hearing abt our people getting killed.


My apologies for not replying to your follow-up question.  For some reason, I didn't receive notification about the follow-up and only saw it when I logged in today.

The US never wants to occupy a country so they often train the local military to assume responsibility for the defense of their nation.  Training often takes some time depending on the type and extent of training.  Specialized skills require more time so it's impossible to give you a precise number.

I appreciate and sympathize with your concern about US forces being injured or killed overseas.  However, understand that they enter the military knowing fully what the job entails.  It's difficult and we should thank the men and women who make these sacrifices for our nation.

I hope this helps.


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